Make sweaters that fits

Introducing the New Knitting Stitch Calculator.

Now you can make any sweater, in any yarn, in any size.
Simply input your stitch gauge, your measurements and it will tell you exactly how many stitches you need to get a perfect fit every time.

Invaluable tool for designing patterns. You can easily calculate the stitches needed for all sizes!


Knitting Instruction and Tutorials- Learn how
to knit, all of the basics and some advanced
knitting techniques.

Knitting Stitch Library- Swatches, images and charts. Invaluable to the sock, sweater and
blanket knitter. Use them to design your very
own projects or find a stitch pattern you are
having trouble with to see it explained.

Knitting Patterns- Our aim is to have the
largest knitting pattern library anywhere else.
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