Make sweaters that fits

Introducing the New Knitting Stitch Calculator.

Now you can make any sweater, in any yarn, in any size.
Simply input your stitch gauge, your measurements and it will tell you exactly how many stitches you need to get a perfect fit every time.

Invaluable tool for designing patterns. You can easily calculate the stitches needed for all sizes!


Knitting Stitch Library




Knit & Purl Textures

Diagonal Shadow Stripes Stitch
Granite Stitch
Ripple Stitch
Quilt Stitch
Crossed Throw Stitch Drop Stitch Pattern
Gulls & Garter Stitch
Knot Stitch
Fisherman's or Shaker Knit
Twisted Diamond Stitch

Colour Work

Gingham Stitch
Slip Stitch Mosaic
Slip Stitch Brick Pattern
Bubble Mosaic Pattern

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