Baby Leggings

Sometimes it is difficult to keep baby toasty and warm in the winter time. These over the knee leggings are sure to keep you little one's toes and legs warm.

Materials—Fleisher’s Wonderized Babyfair, 1 ball; or Fleisher’s Silverflake, 1 ball; or Fleisher’s Baby Zephyr, 3-fold, 1 ball.

White Knitting Needles, 1 pair Size 2.

Note—For small size use size 1 needles.

Gauge: 15 sts = 2 inches; 15 ridges = 2 inches

Cast on 40 sts for top. Work k 2, p 2 ribbing for 1 ˝ ins.

Short rows—First row—K 26.

2nd row—Turn, slip 1 st, k 12.

3rd row—Turn, slip 1 st, k 13.

4th row—Turn, slip 1 st, k 14. Continue in this way to work 1 st more at end of each row until all sts have been worked off. Work garter st (k every row) for 1 ˝ ins. Dec. 1 st each side of next row; repeat decreases every 6th row (every 3rd ridge), 3 times (32 sts). Work even until 4 ins. (on side ridge) from ribbing.

Beading row—K 1, * yo, k 2 tog; repeat from * 14 times, yo, k 1 (33 sts). K 1 row.

Next row—K 2 tog, k to end (32 sts). K 2 rows.

Instep—Slip first 10 sts to holder; join another strand of yarn, k next 12 sts; slip last 10 sts to holder. Work back and forth on 12 sts for 15 ridges. Break yarn. Slip 10 sts from first holder onto same needle with instep sts; k these 10 sts; pick up and k 14 sts on side edge of instep; k 12 instep sts; pick up and k 14 sts on other side of instep; slip 10 sts from holder onto free needle and k these 10 sts (60 sts). Work 1 in., end on wrong side.

First dec. row—K 2 tog, k 26, k 2 tog twice, k 26, k 2 tog (56 sts). K 1 row.

2nd dec. row—K 2 tog, k 24, k 2 tog twice, k 24, k 2 tog (52 sts). K 1 row.

3rd dec. row—K 2 tog, k 22, k 2 tog twice, k 22, k 2 tog (48 sts). Bind off.

Steam. Sew seam. Run ribbon in beading or make cord.

Source: Fleisher Fashions, Volume 75

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